NineOuttaTen is a free Dota 2 companion app that lets you remotely control the game client

Veda is a Dota 2 draft assistant integrated into NineOuttaTen that uses machine learning


Assists you and your teammates in drafting a stronger team by automatically recommending the best heroes in real-time. Learn more or use Veda now.

Desktop Client

Allows the game, mobile app, and Veda to communicate with each other. Learn more.

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Mobile App

View and interact with the game in real-time. Learn more.


Accept or decline party invites

Queue for normal and ranked matches

Accept any Dota 2 matchmaking queue

Pick, repick, and random heroes in All Pick

Chat with (flame) your team in the picking phase

See your team's hero selections and both teams' hero picks


We've been developing NineOuttaTen since July 2015

In September 2015 we had a working model ready

We publicly released in December 2015

We sunsetted NineOuttaTen in 2018


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Why is it called NineOuttaTen?

Because there's always that last player who doesn't accept the match

How does the desktop client get data from the game?

We just passively read the game client's memory

Does NineOuttaTen support 32 and 64-bit Dota 2?

We only support 64-bit Dota 2 on Windows

What type of data is sent to the server?

We only send what is apparent from the user's game client

What are the future plans of NineOuttaTen?

To Veda and beyond

Is NineOuttaTen completely free to use?

Yes. No ads either.

Will there be support for Mac and Linux?

There will be not a fully featured desktop client on Mac and Linux

Does the game need to run in windowed mode?

No, but you must be using 4:3, 16:10, or 16:9 aspect ratio

How can I get in contact with you guys

Send us an email, tweet at us, chat on Discord, or use our feedback form

Will I get VAC banned for using this?


Who are you guys?

Just some boys who wanna code and play Dota 2

Will you add support for League of Legends?

we love riot games