Mobile App

NineOuttaTen currently supports Android and iOS


What happens if I background the app or lock my phone?

The app disconnects from the server, but you will still get game updates via push notifications. Once you switch back to the app, you'll seamlessly reconnect.

When do I get push notifications?

When you start queueing, on match is ready, on party invite received, and on entering the pick phase. We'll add more and also add options to select which notifications you want to get.

How do you expect me to memorize the generated ID?

The mobile app will remember your ID after you enter it the first time. Set it and forget it.

What is the network usage like?

Very minimal. Packets are only sent when the game state changes or when you trigger an input to occur on the app.

What should I rate the app if I like it?


Will there be a Windows Phone app?

Development for it was discontinued. RIP

Is there a link to download the APK file of the Android app?

You can get the APK from here.

Change Log

v2.2.5 Android (2017-07-16)

Bug Fixes

v2.2 Android (2017-06-24)



v2.0 (2017-03-22)

![](/img/mobile_v2_veda.png) ![](/img/mobile_v2_chat.png)


Bug Fixes


v1.2 (2016-09-13)

![](/img/nominate_hero.png) ![](/img/mobile_settings.png) ![](/img/pick_underlord.png)


Bug Fixes

Coming Soon

v1.1 (2016-??-??)



Bug Fixes

v1.0 (2015-12-05)

Initial public release